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Constitution of Bangladesh Film Directors Association

During the Great War of Liberation in 1971, an organization consisting of several freedom fighters, film directors, artists and artisans made its debut in Mujib Nagar. Its name is "Muktijoddha Shilpi O Kalakushali Samiti". Zaheer Raihan as President, Syed Hasan Imam as General Secretary, Khasru Noman as Deputy General Secretary, Abdul Jabbar Khan as Treasurer and Subhash Dutt, Narayan Ghosh Mita, Alamgir Kabir, Abu Musa Debu, Mamtaz Ali, Arun Roy, Subal Das, Samar Das, Ajmal Huda Mithu, Raju Ahmed, A. J. A committee was formed by nominating 133 (one hundred and thirty three) members including Mintu, Kabari, Ikram Biju. From this organization they contributed in different ways in different ways in the great liberation war. From this organization, "Jhanang Eghang" was built under the direction of Zaheer Raihan. This image is displayed all over the world and shakes the world conscience. The conscientious people of the world support our great liberation war and call for international cooperation. Our freedom struggle


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Mamuns membership was permanently canceled by the board of directors
Bangladesh Film Directors Association has canceled the membership of Ananya Mamun for life. As a result, the producer has no connection with the organization of




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The films artist search program In Search of a New Face is going to start anew. Interested candidates from all over the country can take part in this competition by applying online. A press conference will be held soon to announce the application start date and participation process. The event is organized by Bangladesh Film Directors Association.


election held.

The biennial election of the Bangladesh Film Directors Association will be held on April 2. Veteran film director Abdul Latif Bachchu will be the Chief Election Commissioner this time. Besides, ASM Shafiqur Rahman and BH Nishan will be the election commissioners. Veteran film director Dewan Nazrul will be the chairman of the Appellate Division in the election. Heroic freedom fighters Abu Musa Debu and Dr. Matin Rahman will be with him as members. The term of the present committee expires on 31 December. Elections were to be held on the last Friday of 2020. But it was not possible because of Corona. As a result, the new date has been announced on April 2. The Election Commission will start voting 45 days in advance. Earlier, the 2019-20 elections were held on January 25, 2019. Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar won the post of president in that election. Badiul Alam Khokon has been elected as the




Written call

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the best Bengali of a thousand years, the architect of independence, the father of the nation, a memorandum will be published by the Bangladesh Film Directors Association in the name of the great hero of the century. We are going to invite quality writing from our esteemed members for that memorandum. The last date for submission of writings is 20 February 2021 Place of submission Bangladesh Film Directors Association Convener Chhatku Ahmed Co-president Bangladesh Film Directors Association


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